What we do

Hudson Montana works with their clients to transform raw land and existing buildings into the highest and best use. Hudson Montana’s real estate advisory services include: assembling development teams, leading the development team to create a master plan package to present to the Town(s)/City, providing guidance on best means of construction (i.e. general contractor/construction manager), assist and review all cost impacts on projects, creating development scenarios such as: land sales, land leases, building leases and/or joint ventures.

Core Services

Hudson Montana provides expert advice in all aspects of real estate development.

Support Client's Needs with Proven Success

Hudson Montana, LLC, founded in 2006 by Charles W. Poe, Jr. and Christopher P. Conners, is a privately owned real estate strategy and investment company.  With over 30 years of experience, Hudson Montana, LLC has a track record of successful commercial development projects.  Hudson Montana was formed to provide advisory services directed towards supporting our clients real estate needs. Examples of our services include: land acquisition, creation of land value, budget planning, marketing, identification of financing options and owner representation. Hudson Montana is known for working with clients, not just for them.

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